The Hippie Hugger

7 Oct

This is a topic that I never really expected to come up. I have met a man who gives the perfect hug. A hug that feels as though it is filled with the love of the whole planet and leaves you feeling the same kind of blissed out that you get from nice shrooms.

Juan is a long-time friend of my flatmate and a short-time friend of mine since I moved in here four months ago. He is in his mid 20s, has long shiny brown hair, a Californian smile, olive skin, is about 6ft tall, wears beads, smokes weed, works as a masseur and is always smiling and positive. He is a true hippie. Make love not war. And he’s nice to everyone. And no, despite the tone of my description, I don’t fancy him. I know that’s what you were thinking.

My circle of friends in this city consists almost exclusively of hippies, so hugs on greeting are not unusual. It did take some time for my English sensibilities to allow me to feel comfortable with this level of human touch with everyone, but after a month or so I had come to embrace it. But with one rule. I would always keep the hug just manly enough. A pat or two on the back. A tensed up torso at times.

And then I met Juan in the park one afternoon and was introduced. We shook hands. He held my hand for a few seconds longer than is protocol. I didn’t feel awkward. Well, obviously I did a little bit. But not much.

After a while I knew the group better and I was now in the hugging inner-circle. Like in Meet the Fockers. Kind of. And every time he’d hug me on greeting, I’d go into it with the acknowledged intention of keeping it manly. Whatever that means! But I never could. I’d go in tense, pat him on the back, but whilst doing so he’d completely disarm me. A strong and yet tender hug, his hand over my shoulder blade, and I’d feel like I was having love pumped directly into my heart. And it wouldn’t feel awkward to just untense and feel the positivity. And then he’d go round and hug everyone else and give them all the same experience, I’m sure. The hug would leave you feeling positive and wanting to be kind to everyone, even people you disagreed with.

Today my flatmate and I hadn’t been getting on so well. Blame tiredness and misunderstanding. I decided to stay in my room for the evening with a book. I had been in there about two hours, enjoying the solitude, when I heard voices in the living room. Juan was here. I couldn’t help myself. I got up and started making my way to the living room to say hello and get a hug. What the fuck? But I didn’t need to go all the way, as he was making his way down the hall to come and say hello. The hug sent me back to my room forgetting the stress with my flatmate and instead feeling and thinking about happy positive things going on right now, like a connection with an amazing girl from my past that has recently been rekindled after a decade. I was feeling loved up. Admittedly I had just smoked two spliffs in quick succession, but I don’t think that played a part.

A few hours later (just now) Juan left. But before doing so came to my room to say bye. We hugged and he told me with a smile ‘Cuidate,’ take care. And then he left. A few minutes later my flatmate came into my room with a smile and asked if I wanted to eat dinner with him. Tranquility had been restored to the flat.

I feel like Juan knows when someone needs a good hug.

Humans can do amazing things for each other.

And that is the end of this story.



2 Responses to “The Hippie Hugger”

  1. lisa October 9, 2014 at 4:44 am #

    Aaaah! I remember receiving my first hugs like this at a Rainbow Gathering. Then i realised that all my life i hadn’t been receiving proper hugs.

  2. Nina K October 12, 2014 at 12:41 am #

    I met a man like this once. Incredible. I’ve often tried to emulate it but I think I’m just to British.

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